Blair Hanewall Executive Director, SEMA

Blair Hanewall

Executive Director, SEMA

Blair Hanewall is an international health leader who thrives on supporting collective action to tackle social justice issues, especially in women’s health. She has over twenty years of global health experience working at international NGOs, a biotech firm, a private foundation, and strategy consulting. In Africa and South America, Blair worked on maternal and adolescent health programs and supported decentralized healthcare reform. Blair was an early hire at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where she helped drive the evolution of the global health primary care program. She led a team that designed market solutions generating hundreds of millions of savings and accelerated the uptake of various health solutions to improve health systems and benefit communities. These efforts required designing and managing complex coalitions with government agencies, international NGOs, financing agencies, and private companies. She also oversaw investment portfolios and partnerships in areas including health policy/finance, behavioral sciences, advocacy, supply chain, and regulatory solutions. Blair currently is Board Chair for AVAC and advises a US women’s health telemedicine organization. She earned her masters in business and public health from Johns Hopkins University.