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Looking Ahead

A Blueprint for Future SRH Market Transformation

Senegal Assessment and Recommendations Summary

Expanding access to sexual and reproductive health and rights in Senegal

Résumé de l'évaluation et des recommandations de SEMA Sénégal

Améliorer l'accès à la santé et aux droits en matière de santé reproductive au Sénégal

Burkina Faso Healthy Markets Assessment

Expanding market access to sexual and reproductive health products in Burkina Faso

Résumé de l’évaluation et recommandations de SEMA au Burkina Faso
Nigeria Assessment & Recommendations: Extracts From Upcoming Report

Extracts from an upcoming report summarizing the assessment and recommendations to improve sexual and reproductive health (SRH) markets in Nigeria

Medical Abortion Market Assessment and Recommendations Summary

Preventing unsafe abortions for enhanced sexual and reproductive health rights 

Injectables Market Assessment and Recommendations Summary

Ensuring sustained and strengthened injectables access for women and girls. 

Hormonal IUD Assessment and Recommendations Summary

Expanding access to Hormonal Intrauterine Device in support of sexual and reproductive heath and rights (SRHR).

2022 Annual Report

SEMA Reproductive Health’s first Annual Report.

Overview: SEMA Reproductive Health

Shaping Equitable Market Access for Reproductive Health.

Healthy Markets Framework

SEMA unpacks this space into three distinct, yet interconnected, market levels in order to promote dialogue around solutions and build support for specific interventions that can improve access to SRH products.

Products Market Assessment Guidance Note
Country Markets Assessment Guidance Note
Strategic Vision and Plan 2022-2027

This strategy represents a culmination of that work – learning from the past, outlining the present and building toward a new era for sexual and reproductive health markets.