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Where we work

SEMA operates at a deep level in some nations, yet our work benefits many countries worldwide.

In our key partner countries (Senegal, Burkina Faso, and Nigeria), we work with local partners to understand each market, identify local priorities, and coordinate activities to address key challenges. Our overall goal is to strengthen local market stewardship in each country location.

Our collaborations with local communities provide us with invaluable insights, enabling us to be responsive to their needs. Although we are focused on our current key country locations, we are actively seeking resources to expand our reach.

Our team is dedicated to benefiting numerous countries worldwide. We achieve this by analyzing global SRH market trends and conducting risk analysis that is relevant to various SRH market stakeholders such as implementers, buyers, suppliers, and others. Occasionally, we come across challenges that affect multiple countries, including issues with product introduction, procurement, or financing. Consequently, we develop solutions that can support many countries worldwide, beyond our current key partner countries. Moreover, we document our lessons learned and create best practices to enhance SRH access for communities and empower individuals globally.

Our partnerships