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How we work

Our strategy

SEMA strengthens SRH markets by:

  • Assessing markets—we evaluate market conditions and ecosystem capabilities to identify challenges and opportunities. This way, we can influence and manage national, global, and product markets as effectively as possible.
  • Aligning on market strategies and interventions—we get involved in forums and discussions at the local and national level. This helps us to design and coordinate market strategies and solutions that genuinely work for people. 
  • Financing and coordinating activities—we collaborate with countries and global partners to finance and implement interventions to solve market challenges. We do this at the product, national, and multi-country levels.
  • Tracking and improving—we’re always learning, adapting, and improving. We assess the impact that we’re making, then share the lessons learned with partners, national governments, and other interested parties. 
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We expect these activities to produce healthy SRH markets with the following features (which we will track over time using our Healthy Markets Framework):

  • Strong market foundations—gathering quality market data and market analytics, as well as managing markets effectively. Helping to create the institutional underpinnings (such as procurement strategies and financing policies), needed for markets to function well.
  • Financing—securing financing that is adequate and predictable enough to meet the demands for SRH products.
  • Supply—coordinating SRH product supply streams that are reliable, and robust enough to meet people’s needs consistently and long-term. 
  • Meeting consumer demand—distributing SRH products that meet the specific needs of individuals and local communities. 
  • Price—making SRH products more affordable to all, in a way that’s sustainable across markets.
  • Quality—ensuring that SRH market products meet recognized quality standards.
  • Product adoption—routinely rolling out new products as a matter of course, so that people can access the latest and best SRH products.

Our structure & governance

SEMA’s goal is to empower countries and leverage the ecosystem of partners. That’s why we have designed a lean and agile organizational structure to support country-led strategies through local, mission-based operations.

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A dynamic management team

SEMA operates with a streamlined leadership structure. What’s more, our team is based primarily in beneficiary countries—in other words, they are living and working at the very heart of our initiatives. Our team is responsible for strategy development, execution, and operations. 

governing body

An independent Governing Body

Our Governing Body includes two independent country leaders and three donor institution experts. They provide overarching expertise and guidance on governance, risk, fiscal decisions, and strategy. 


Experts for technical guidance

Our Technical Oversight Committee, who consist of technical and strategic experts, primarily from beneficiary countries. We consult with this committee for different purposes, including reviewing our analyses and recommendations, offering input on market interventions and investment areas, and providing honest feedback on our strategic direction.