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SEMA webinar on SRH product assessments: IUD, injectables, and medical abortion

Webinar (Zoom) | 13 July 2023

SEMA  partnered with Global Impact Advisors ( and the Clinton Health Access Initiative ( to host a webinar on July 13, 2023, at 5 pm East Africa Time

The webinar discussed recent product assessment findings on Hormonal IUD, injectables, and medical abortion - three critical products. The participants and speakers used SEMA's new tool called the Healthy Market Framework to evaluate the market health of these products. 

This tool assesses market health based on various dimensions, including market foundations, such as data & analytics, market management strategy, and coordination, and market institutional capacity. Additionally, the tool evaluates market outputs, such as financing, price, supply, consumer demand, quality, and product adoption. 

The discussion highlighted cross-cutting issues that could improve SRH product market access. The webinar also outlined an action plan that different actors can pursue to enhance the market access of these specific products for women and adolescent girls. 

Review the webinar recording.

Download the webinar presentation. 

See the responses to questions and issues raised during the webinar