Past Events

SEMA was at the 2022 International Conference on Family Planning in Pattaya City, Thailand on 14 – 17 November!

Under the theme “Family Planning & Universal Health Coverage: Innovate. Collaborate. Accelerate.” SEMA joined a strong community of SRH advocates, leaders, researchers and more to discuss emerging evidence, implementation successes and promising solutions toward creating healthy, equitable and resilient SRH markets that allow all people, especially women and adolescent girls, to control their health and future.

Webinar: Toward Resilient Sexual and Reproductive Health Procurement & Financing (29 Sep 2022)

During this virtual webinar hosted by SEMA Reproductive Health, co-sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Children Investment Fund Foundation, we heard from leading global SRH researchers and leaders as they discuss key challenges and opportunities towards resilient financing and procurement of family planning and SRH commodities across LMICs. This webinar was an opportunity to share findings from Dalberg’s landscape analysis while setting the stage for the proposal of SEMA’s global approach.

Check out our newsletter to see the full Dalberg Advisors’ analysis, review the Q&As from this event and more.

Webinar: SEMA Info Session - A Conversation with Executive Director Blair Hanewall (22 June 2022)

An interactive information session where Executive Director Blair Hanewall provides an overview of SEMA. She discusses how we hope to engage with people like you to shape healthy, equitable, and resilient SRH markets – and, ultimately, build a world where women, girls, and people everywhere can control their health and future.